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Welcome to Active Norberg!

My name is Mikael Norberg, and I'm the owner of Active Norberg AB. I started the company in summer 2019 because I thought that more people should get the chance to experience our unique region by the Arctic Circle, and the beautiful valley of the Torne River.

My goal is to give you the best experience here in our arctic region, by the World's most peaceful border, Torne River Valley by the Arctic Circle. Here you get a portion of Sweden, Finland, Lapland, and the Arctic Circle, all at the same visit!

Nature here is amazing and we have a rich culture with two countries, side by side, and the river in between. We have cold winters with lots of snow, Northern lights, and crisp clean air. The summers are bright because of the Midnight sun and can sometimes be really hot as well, even when it is so far north.

I am a local, born and raised in Övertorneå. My mother is from the Finnish side, and my father is from the Swedish side of the Torne River. I speak Meänkieli, “our language” which is a minority language in Sweden. It's only spoken here in the Torne River Valley. This makes me a part of the unique culture that we have here. Swedish, Finnish and English language also works for me.

Outdoor life is a lifestyle that I was born into. I've been hiking, fishing, trail running, skiing, snowmobiling, etc. in our beautiful nature for as long as I can remember. Here in Övertorneå, you get much quality time and the possibilities are endless. As a former elite Cross-Country skier, I've done 800-900 hours of workout/year, for over 10 years of time, so I definitely know what hard quality work is about. I am a trained Swedish mountain leader and I also have a Nature Guide degree from Tornedalens Folkhögskola here in Övertorneå. As local as it can get!

For more information about Torne River Valley and Övertorneå/Ylitornio area, please visit:




If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Welcome to Torne Valley!

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